web500gw: A WWW - LDAP/X.500 Gateway

  Web500gw connects WWW browsers to LDAP based Directories.


  • 29.10.2001 - dekarl: we have version 2.1b4 and some custom modifications from Queen Mary Unsiverity of London in the archive but the lack of time has kept me from looking throught the changes to prepare merging them in.
  • 22.07.2001 - dekarl: website layout redesigned to get rid of frames
  • 03.07.2001 - dekarl: packaged up release candidate 1
  • 26.04.2001 - dekarl: The reanimation project is now hosted at sourceforge.
    Expect a new release containing all common patches during the next week.

Web500gw version 2.1rc1 was released at Jul/03/2001:
  • added correct parsing of 2 AND 4 digit years in results from LDAP queries
  • the link after succesfully adding an entry was generated wrong
  • modify now calls the correct templates instead of only calling up the default template
Web500gw version 2.1b3 was released at Oct/28/1998:
  • delete and modrdn operation
  • More languages: Spanish/Castellano and French, thanks to Javier.Massa@rediris.es and kubek@insa-tlse.fr
  • control the Web caching of generated pages, added "lastmodified" and "expires" options
  • checked for OpenLDAP 1.0 - no changes needed :-)
  • changed messages - now simpler "placeholders" %number to include runtime values (independent of system's fprintf supports "%number$s")
  • multiple searchactions in template possible with multiple attributes/flags
  • added a "rootishome" option: if set then URL "/" means "homedn"
  • added a "subsearch" option to specify objectclasses to search subtree below
  • bug fixes - string operations/malloc/free, cgi mode
  • changes for Digital Unix 4 and Unixware 7

How it works

Web500gw expects HTTP requests from a WWW browser on a TCP port (usually 8888). Depending on the requested URL web500gw performs read/search/modify/add/delete requests to the Directory and sends HTML pages back to the browser. Web500gw uses the LDAPv2 protocol to talk to a Directory server. It is able to work with a Standalone LDAP server (like UMich/OpenLDAP slapd or Netscape LDAP product) and with an LDAP Frontend to an X.500 Directory System Agent.


Web500gw is freely available to anyone for any lawful purpose, subject to the TU Chemnitz copyright notice and disclaimer.

It is available for download:
HTTP: Sourceforge

You will need to have the OpenLDAP-1.0 or LDAP-3.3 libraries on hand to be able to build this software. The OpenLDAP-1.0 distribution is available at http://www.openldap.org/.
The LDAP 3.3 distribution is available for anonymous ftp from ftp://terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu/x500/ldap/
Or find an ldap-3.3 RPM if you are using Linux...

Web500gw was developed on Linux 2 and ported to Solaris 2.5, SunOS 4 and FreeBSD 2/3/4/5. It was reported to run on HP-UX 9/10, Digital Unix 4, Unixware 7, ULTRIX 4.3, NetBSD and AIX.

Please send / keep on sending comments/hints/bugs/fixes/suggestions to the web500gw trackers at sourceforge.

If you find this software useful, don't hesitate to write Frank a postcard - He loves to get conventional mail :-)
You'll find his address in his Directory entry ... well, where else.
Yeah, He's got one ... from Kansas - who's the next :-)

VERSION: 2.1rc1
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