web500gw: Adding entries

  A new feature of web500gw is the ability to add entries.


To allow adding of entries of a certain objectclass you have to mark an appropriate template in the ldaptemplates.conf[.access-suffix] as addable:
  # Person template
  "person icon"
  # template options
  # objectclass list
You may specify how to authenticate to the Directory in order to add the new entry. The syntax is:
where attr could be
empty - an input field is presented to type in the DN to bind as
attribute - The value of this attribute should be used as DN to bind as, e.g. manager or owner.
This is the attribute in the entry the new entry should be added below.
dn:DN - Use DN to bind as.
If more than one attrs are specified - separated by "|" - a selection list is printed. Please note the surrounding quotes, no quotes could be used inside this string.
# name of attribute to authenticate as
You must specify the default attribute to use when forming RDN of the new entry:
  # default attribute name to use when forming RDN of a new entry
Additional you can give default values:
  # rules used to define default values for new entries
  constant objectclass top
  constant objectclass person
  constant objectclass organizationalPerson
  constant objectclass labeledURIObject
  constant telephoneNumber "edit:+49 371 531-0"
  constant mail change:@tu-chemnitz.de
The template routine of LDAP-3.3 only allows to specify "constant" (means: not changeable) values. Web500gw accepts two special tokens in order to enhance this:
If the defined value starts with "edit:", the following string is given as default value but is allowed to be changed within the form.
If the defined value starts with "change:", the following string is given as default value but has to be changed, otherwise it is ignored (which may be an error for required attributes).

Finally you list all the attributes you'll allow to add to a new entry:

  item cis,sort,required  cn  cn
  item cis,1val,required   sn  sn
  item cis        telephoneNumber         telephoneNumber
  item mail       mail                    mail
  item cis        userPassword            userPassword
  item cis,ro     objectclass             objectclass
See complete example or the ldaptemplates.conf.internal in the distribution.


Well, now you can use the add feature by requesting an add form:
where DN is the Directory name of the location for the new entry.
If your client has the according access rights (full - modify allowed) you get the "Bind screen", next the "Add form" like this:

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