web500gw: Configuration

  Web500gw is flexible configurable by different configuration files described below. They should be installed in the WEB500GWDIR (see Makefile, usually /usr/local/etc/web500).

After installation you should look to:

  • the config file (web500gw.conf) - see below.
  • the messagefiles (web500gw.messages*). Probably you'll want to change some strings here.
You should check your configuration with:
web500gw -v
or to see the details of parsing the configuration files:
web500gw -d 32 -v
These commands will print out the configuration and exit - no daemon will be started.

Please note: After changing the configuration files web500gw has to be restarted (killed and started).

Web500gw now needs a global configuration file which is located at WEB500GWDIR/web500gw.conf, usually: /usr/local/etc/web500/web500gw.conf. This file contains many operational options, see detailed description.

The location of the following configuration files is defined in web500gw.conf:
File type / Keyword Default name / Description specific
templatefile ldaptemplates.conf[access-suffix] ACCESS specific
Definition of the display of entries.
For each object class you can define:
  • what attributes in what order and in what style should be displayed
        e.g. common name, then email address as mailto:-URL
  • automatic search actions
        e.g. a list of subentries below organizations
  • links to further actions
        e.g. to modify a person's entry
See an example with comments, the ldaptemplates.conf in the web500gw distribution and the ldaptemplates.conf(5) Manpage.

As you can define different template files for the ACCESS rules you are able to present different views of your Directory data for different clients, e.g. only a few attributes to outside hosts while local users see all attributes.

Please note that this file is not language specific. The "labels" are just pointers to the language specific friendly files.

messagefile web500gw.messages[language-suffix] language specific
All the strings not being read from the directory. Many of them may contain placeholders which will be substituted by web500gw with the appropriate values. See comments in the file (lines starting with '#').

friendlyfile ldapfriendly[language-suffix] language specific
Friendly names for countries (DN), attribute names, and "match descriptions". See an example with comments, and the ldapfriendly(5) Manpage.

filterfile ldapfilter.conf[access-suffix] ACCCESS specific
Specification of the search behaviour. As you can define different filter files for the ACCCESS rules you can implement different search strategies for different clients, e.g. don't allow searches for telephone numbers from outside while local users are allowed.

Please note that this file is not language specific. The "match descriptions" are just pointers to the language specific friendly files. See the ldapfilter.conf(5) Manpage.

helpfile web500gw.help[language-suffix] language specific
General help file (HTML). This is presented when URL /H is requested.

attrfile web500gw.attr[language-suffix] language specific
Help file for modify (describes attributes, HTML). This is presented when URL /HA is requested.

See also: LDAP Manual Pages

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