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The attributes of an entry will be shown. Some attributes are handled in a special way:
  • Attributes containing a DN (see Also, roleOccupant) are Hypertext links to this DN.
  • Attributes containg an E-Mail address could be linked with a special action (mailto:).
  • Of course, attributes containing an URI (labeledURI) are shown as Hypertext link to this URI.
  • Photos are either displayed as inline images or may be downloaded via Hypertext links. (JPEG Photos as JPEG or GIF images, dependent on your client, G3Fax Photos GIF images).
  • Audio data can be retrieved via Hypertext link.
See a real-life example.
As web500gw admin you can easily configure, what attributes in which order should be presented. You can also configure friendly notations for attribute names. It's possible to define "special actions" for an entry, e.g. links (e.g. "Show vCard" or "Show more attributes") or search actions (e.g. list children).

As web500gw user you can specify what attributes you want to get via the URL (see URL format).

All entries below a node could be listed as Hypertext links, sorted by objectclasses. Special attributes may be shown (e.g. description) with the entry name (server configurable or via URL). A "Move upwards" list or menu allows to go upwards in the Directory tree.

In most pages you will find an input field to type in a search item and buttons to start search. The search strategy (onelevel/subtree, attributes, matching) is configurable. User friendly name (UFN) searching is supported. You will need a WWW browser with form support.

There is an experimental interactive search form to allow searching with complex filters.

Modify, Modify RDN, Delete Please note: This is still EXPERIMENTAL!
To modify an entry or an RDN, or to delete an entry you have to bind to the Directory. Currently only Simple Authentication is supported (plain password). It is possible to authenticate as a Manager to modify or delete another entry. After successful binding you get a form containing the modifyable attributes.

As the web500gw admin you can specify what entries/atributes you want to allow for modification.

vCard Support
Web500gw supports vCards - Electronic Business Cards, so users of modern Web browsers could easily add entries to their address books.

Flexible configuration
Web500gw is flexible configurable and could be adapted easily according to your needs, e.g. include logos and colors.

Language support
Web500gw supports different languages. The distribution comes with English, German, Castellano/Spanish, and French languages files. Adding another language is easy.

Access control schemes
Based on the requesting host you could give different rights (e.g. allow modification only from local domain) and different views of your Directory data (e.g. no browsing but limited searching for external users).

WWW client specific responses
To satisfy different WWW browsers the generation of HTML is dependent on the requesting client. Some features (and misfeatures) are configurable, e.g. use of tables, mailto: URL's, JPEG inline images, location/style of search/move upward forms.

The GET, HEAD and POST HTTP requests are accepted. GET If-Modified-Since method is supported. The HTTP response headers Last-Modified: and Expire: are configurable, so the caching of generated pages could be controlled. The responses should be HTTP/1.0 conform.

All requests can be logged via syslog. The format of the log entries is configurable. A simple Perl script is provided to get some usage statistics (to be updated...).

VERSION: 2.1rc1
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