web500gw: Installation

  0. Make the ldap distribution (OpenLDAP 1.0 or UMich version 3.3 or ISODE Consortium's release) if you have not already done so.

In the web500gw directory:
  1. Tailor Makefile:
    INSTDIRThe directory name where to install the web500gw binary.
    MANDIRThe directory name where to install the manual.
    WEB500GWDIRThe directory name where to install config/help/message files. Should be a separate directory.
    SUFFIXWhat language dependent files should be installed? "" stands for english (default) versions.
    DEFINESEnable/disable some features:
    -DMODIFYenables MODIFY and ADD feature
    -DSUPPORT_OLD_URLSif you're upgrading from older version you may wish this.
    -DWEB500GW_DEBUGinclude debugging code (enables Flag -d)
    LDAPINCLLocation of the LDAP header files. Leave empty if installed in /usr/include.
    LDAPLIBSThe LDAP libraries libldap and liblber.
    LDAP version information, see comments in the Makefile.
    STR_TRANSLATIONIf you didn't define T.61 - ISO-8859-1 translation in the LDAP package, comment out this line.
    platform specific definesUncomment the definitions for your platform.

  2. Optional: Tailor web500gw's default values for your site: edit config.h
    All the values could be set the web500gw.conf configuration file, so you probably don't need to edit there..

  3. Make and install web500gw:
      make                 - makes web500gw
      make -n install      - check installation
      # make install       - install it (as root, if installed to system dirs)
  4. Configure web500gw - see Configuration...

  5. Start web500gw - see web500gw modes
    Test modus - will print HTML output to STDOUT and exit:
    web500gw -t /    or
    web500gw -d 1 -t /    to run in debug mode - see Debug options
    As stand-alone server:
    web500gw    or
    web500gw -d 1   to run in debug mode - see Debug options

  6. Try it out! Run a WWW browser and point it to an appropriate URL to access web500gw. Some example URL's are given below, with the things you should change given in <>'s:
            - List (Menu) on root level
            - List on c=DE level
            - Read entry 
            - Help page
    Of course, you would substitute your own organization's DN. Later you will probably add a link to web500gw in an HTML file on your WWW server.

  7. If it doesn't work: Manual web500gw.8, Trouble-shooting.
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