web500gw: Operation modes

  The web500gw server can be run either as stand-alone server, as nph-CGI program, from inetd or in test mode.

Stand-alone server

For production service it is recommended to start web500gw as a stand-alone server. The advantage of this mode is that it reads all the configuration files when it starts. When a request comes in web500gw forks a new process but doesn't need to read the configuration files.
  1. Install all the files as usual.
  2. Start web500gw in stand-alone mode:    web500gw
    If you doesn't use a port number below 1024 you shouldn't run the daemon as root. A userid 'nobody' is ok.
  3. Point a Web browser to: http://your.web500gw.host:your_port/
See troubleshooting if it doesn't work.

nph-CGI program

For sites with lower traffic it is possible to run web500gw as a nph-CGI program for a already running Web server:
  1. Install all the files as usual.
  2. Copy the web500gw binary to the CGI-BIN directory of your Web server. You might have to rename the program to nph-web500gw
       cp web500gw CGI-BIN-DIR/nph-web500gw
  3. Point a Web browser to: http://your.web.server/cgi-bin/nph-web500gw/
Please note: As you can't use command line options in CGI mode, the configuration files have to be installed in the WEB500GWDIR.

inetd mode

To arrange to have web500gw started from inetd, the Internet protocol daemon, add a line like the following to your /etc/services file, or the equivalent:
    web500gw          8888/tcp          web500gw
Next, add a line like this to your /etc/inetd.conf file, or the equivalent:
    web500gw  stream  tcp  nowait  nobody  INSTDIR/web500gw    web500gw -I
For these changes to take effect with inetd, you will probably have to send it it a HUP signal. See inetd(8) for more details.

Test mode

In test mode the HTML page is written to STDOUT and no daemon will be started. You may use is to test your installation (as the name says) or to produce HTML pages from your directory data, e.g. Phone lists.
web500gw -t URL
web500gw -t /M
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