web500gw: Troubleshooting

  Web500gw's error messages should point you in the right direction, where to look and what to do. Here are some further advices, what to do when web500gw doesn't work or is going wrong.

You should check your configuration with:
web500gw -v
or to see the details of parsing the configuration files:
web500gw -d 32 -v
These commands will print out the configuration and exit - no daemon will be started.

Start web500gw in test mode:
web500gw -t URL, i.e.:
web500gw -t /
You should get the response to STDOUT like that:

Of course, you could add DEBUG flags:
-d number
Number is a combination of
1... means ...short: client's requests + results
trace: major function calls etc.
long: HTTP requests from client
parsing/conversion of requests/results
search/filter handling
handling of config files
util function calls
So, if you call
web500gw -t /-d 3
you get debugging information on client's requests + results and major function calls.

If this all doesn't help you to find an error please check:

  • Is your specified LDAP server up and running?
  • Are you using the same LDAP version as the LDAP server? It was reported that using different versions results in a slow interaction.
  • Do the following files in etcdir exist?
    ldapfilter.conf, ldaptemplates.conf, web500gw.messages, ldapfriendly, web500gw.help, web500gw.attr
You've checked this all and it still doesn't work? So send me a description of your configuration and your problems. Also, if you found an error or some further help information... Frank.Richter@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de
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