web500gw: Supported URL format




host ::= the hostname or IP address of the host running web500gw

port ::= the port number web500gw is listening at host

ldaphost ::= the hostname or IP address of the LDAP server to contact
-- if left empty a configured default LDAP server will be used

ldapport ::= the portnumber of the LDAP server
-- if left empty the LDAP default port 389 is used

DN ::= a string as defined in RFC 1485
-- The entry's LDAP Distinguished Name, escaped using % method.

attrs ::= attr [, attrs]
attr ::= NULL | a string as defined in RFC 1487
-- Attribute list: what attributes should be displayed from the entry or the entries

flags ::= flag [, flags]
flags ::= NULL | table | btable | list | oneline | valsonly | entryonly | nodn | deref | lang=xx
-- Flags: how the result should be formatted, options ... see below

scope ::= O | S
-- O = onelevel search, S = subtree search

filter ::= a string as defined in RFC 1558
-- Filter: Search specification

Description of flags

tableShow entries or search results as table
btableShow entries or search results as bordered table
listShow entries or search results as lists (<DL>)
onelineMore compact display: All values of one attribute on one line
valsonlyShow attribute values only, not attribute names
entryonlyShow entries or search results only, without page headers/trailers and navigation/search tools
nodnDonīt show Distinguished names in search results
derefDereference alias entries during search
lang=xxUse the language xx if available. xx is the two-letter language code like en for English or de for German.
Some more flags are used by web500gw itself to request bind, add or modify operations.


Display of an entry (attributes and flags server defined, with possible additional functions, e.g. list below nonleaf objects, modify button)
/      (empty DN)
If option rootishome is set: show HOMEDN
If option rootishome is not set: show "X.500 root"
Specified attribute of an entry
Entry with all attributes (server defined) with special display flags
vCard for an entry
Entry with user-defined attributes and display flags
Search for all entries below DN, show result with server defined attributes and flags (Browse)
Search for all entries below DN, show result with the specified attribute (flags server defined)
Search for all entries below DN, show result with display flags
Another example (compact table with border)
Table of all entries with 2 attributes ("Telephone Book")
Search for all persons with JPEG Photo, displayed as a table
Special URL: "Homepage"

Old go500gw like URL's

are supported if compiled with SUPPORT_OLD_URLS (see Makefile).
Browse below DN
Read an entry
Search below DN for filter
VERSION: 2.1rc1
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